• Jeanmarie Jackman

    Jeanmarie Jackman

    Full Stack Developer | Software Engineer | React | Ruby on Rails | Musician | Artist | Educator

  • Kimberlyn Stoddard

    Kimberlyn Stoddard

    Student at FlatIron School learning Software Engineering

  • Mayinx Jedoensrat

    Mayinx Jedoensrat

  • henderito


    Co-Founder @ Atlant — Software Engineer — IoT fan — Chef

  • Kurt Bauer

    Kurt Bauer

    Software Engineer

  • Nicole Gathany

    Nicole Gathany

    Fullstack Engineer, Reproductive Justice Enthusiast, Expert Aunty

  • DeployPlace


    Articles and manuals on how to improve software development efficiency, set up deployment automation and adopt best DevOps practices.

  • Dinh Tran Minh Hieu

    Dinh Tran Minh Hieu

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