Get up and running with React Native and Expo in 3 basic steps

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1. Quick Setup

  • installed Node.js 8+. Use npm and nvm if you need help in this step. Check this post if you need help checking your node version or changing it.
  • installed the Expo command line tool.
  • downloaded and installed Expo Client.
  • created a new React Native project using expo init my-new-project
  • accessed your project directory cd my-new-project and previewed the app expo start
  • scanned the QR code printed on the previous step (you can find it in the terminal and a new browser tab opened in the development tools port) with your phone camera and opened the Expo Client application linked to the QR code.

2. Debugging with Expo

  • Open the my-new-project directory with VSCode.
  • Go to the Debug tab on VSCode. Click on the gear icon and select React Native. This will create a launch.json file on your app (.vscode/) with the debugging functionality.
  • Check the packager-info.json file on your app (.expo/) and get the packagerPort number.
  • Create a new settings.json file on your app (.vscode/) with the following code:
"react-native": {
"packager": {
"port": 19001 //packagerPort from packager-info.json
  • On the Debug tab on VSCode, select Attach to Packager from the dropdown list and click the green play icon.
  • Shake to the right your phone so the Expo Client app displays the menu options. Select and activate Debug Remote JS.

3. Redux with Expo

import { KeepAwake, registerRootComponent } from ‘expo’;
import App from ‘../../App’;
if (__DEV__) {




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