The Honest Guide for Coding Bootcamps V: Career Development and Growth

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Turning Failure into Fuego 🔥

Ownership & Visibility

  • Writing documentation and doing technical presentations. Sharing knowledge is important. As you learn or develop processes, tools, or code, you might do online research or ask teammates. Documentation and presentations facilitate spreading knowledge and increasing the engineers’ speed. Your company will value your contributions and you’ll be consolidating your knowledge much faster.
  • Reviewing lots of code. In the beginning, reviewing other engineer’s code is challenging but it gets easier with time. The more code you review, the faster you will learn. Reviewing code is not only an opportunity to improve the code quality in your company, but it’s also a constant source for learning and consolidating knowledge. Don’t limit your review to small suggestions, ask questions for code you don’t understand, and suggest best practices. If your reviews are thorough, other engineers in your company will start trusting your code quality and they’ll be comfortable giving you positive reviews.
  • Writing blog posts. If you work on a challenging project, don’t hesitate to share it with the world. Keep the scope of your article very narrow, and describe what makes the project relevant. Ask a teammate to review it. Don’t forget to share it with your company and your professional network.




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